First Prototype

This is the first incarnation (2003). The second (2007) had the television's brightness/contrast/saturation/tint knobs de-soldered, rewired, and on the yoke.

This one is in the back house of the Watership Inn, Provincetown, Massacusettes in 2003. This photo is slightly faked. Since I had only one camera, this picture was taken with the camera that would normally be sitting in the wooden box (with the output wire going to the TV), and the image on the TV is playback from VHS of a previous recording session.

The camera in this first prototype was a Sony Mavica MVC-CD500, and the camera in the second prototype was a small mid-90s era security camera.


  1. Hi Dave, this is Peter from
    Interesting rig. I like the ease of zooming and rotating :)