Three (2003 Incarnation)

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This one starts with a "spark of life." Music by Russill Paul.

This was made with the first feedback device in 2003 with a standard definition CRT TV and a Sony Mavica MVC-CD500.


  1. Your stuff is amazing. I really would be interested in understanding how to help you generate an installation of this. I just think it's novel and beautful. I'm not in a position to personally fund, but I'm totally mesmerized. (The music helps, too.) This is the kind of art that should be "out there".

  2. This is so beautiful. Would love to see some photos of the apparatus itself.

  3. Just a thought, the universe is the monitor, matter is the image and the camera would be conciousness, us looking at ourselves. God would be the person watching the video loop setup, no?