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Experiments in Text-to-Image 1
Smooth Transitions of Zoom, Rotation, Pan, and Learning Rate

Experiments in Text-to-Image 2
Your Dreams Are True

Experiments in Text-to-Image 3
You're Going to Fly Away

The Blorgon Chronicles Human / AI Storytime

People Photography / Animal Photography / Landscape Photography

Gazing into Middlespace
A 21st Century Koyaanisqatsi

The Golden Record II

Soundcloud weirdness

Enlightened Editing Shortcuts, used to edit the West Wing 2002/2020 Intercut Video (see the relocated version here)

Video Demo Reel

Video Reel 2 An addendum to the video reel

/ DaveBlairRight Two Instagram feeds that, when placed side-by-side, make up one whole

Experiments in Instagramming Playing with the form's conventions

Some Circuit Bending of a vintage transistor radio

Empty Knot (MTNOT) Music To Nod Off To

A Family Zoom from Hell

The Live Photo Retrospective Collection

Future Gifts from the Past A series of odd glimpses into the past - including some very early innovative video feedback expermimenting