Phase 3.5: Fractals Made of Fractals Made of Fractals!


This is a brief ontogenetic overview of Phase 3.5.

Phase 3 was the addition of the second monitor structure. Now, Phase 3.5 is the addition of the 3rd Roland Switcher, 5th (rotating) Panasonic monitor, and 3rd camera.

Fractals made of fractals made of fractals. Plus, the Insanity Loop!

See the previous video shoot with the Device here (and an alternate music version here).

Thanks to TVBoy Production for a great deal on these monitors.

Music: Apache 98 by Rich Walkling

Forward Chronology 
Reverse Chronology


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  1. Spectacular! I almost couldn't unloop my viewing of your project ; )
    Wish we could host you at our Maker Faire in West Palm Beach - such a neat ehibit piece!