Phase III: A New Complexity

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The latest build of the device using T-Slot aluminum.

If you're not interested in the explainy stuff, skip to 2:58 for images created with this build.

Here, in Phase III, there are two feedback loops that influence each other. This takes things a step beyond the last iteration where I had one feedback loop influencing another, but the other didn't not influence the first.

This expands on the 5 Iterations concept where I took the recorded output and put it back through as an input. In this build, however, it all happens at once, and there are not just 5 iterations, but an infinite number (of course you can only see as many as the system resolution allows).

It's not easy making interesting images with this setup - things tend to get messy really fast. Here are my first attempts.

Check out for more videos and information, and to see the previous build.

Reverse Chronology



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