2nd Video Shoot: The God Machine (May, 2021)


This video is 4K (
3840 x 2160) but the images the device creates are still HD (1920 x 1080). Maybe one day they'll be in 4K...

Check out an alternate version of this video with different music.

This is the most recent video, shot almost exactly one year to the day from the project’s beginning.

The next phase - two Devices side-by-side with the output of each going to the input of each, so that two people can create together in concert, connected to each other, becoming one mind.

I'd like to thank David Kislin and Federico Baldeschi at JEL Developement ​for being nice enough to let me use one of their empty properties (free of charge, no less!) to make this video.


"3 Birds" by The Dead Weather
"Starless" by King Crimson
"We Did it Again" by Bongwater

Forward Chronology

Reverse Chronology

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