1st Video Shoot: Fractals Come Alive (June, 2020)


This is old-school video feedback - no computers were used (or harmed) in the creation of these images.

The output of the camera goes to the upper monitor (which the camera sees). The camera's output also goes to the lower monitor (which the camera also sees in the reflection of the sheet of beam-splitter glass between the two monitors).

It's this feedback loop, with the two images combined together, that creates emergent behavior and fractals made in real-time - and it's the feedback loop between the Device and the person at its helm that creates organic movements, plants swaying in the the wind, sea creatures, cells, ancient insects and galaxies.

This is a little self-contained universe, and the laws of this universe, which dictate what images are created, are the angle of the glass, the height of the upper monitor and position and rotation of the lower monitor, plus the position of the control dials of both monitors and rotation and position of the camera. Through iterations, worlds are created. It looks like magic, but it's really mathematics.

Credit goes to Peter King for his 1997 diagram that inspired this configuration of the device.

Music: Nils Petter Molvær

Forward Chronology

Reverse Chronology

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