The God Machine II (2023)


Made of maple, mahogany, aluminum, three cameras, five HD feedback monitors, three Roland video switchers, two viewing monitors, two sheets of beam splitter glass, and a video input.

The device now has two monitor structures. 

Both structures have two HD monitors (with analog hue/contrast/saturation knobs) at right angles to one another, with a sheet of beam splitter glass between them. The feedback loop between these two monitors, the reflection in the glass, and the camera, creates fractals in real-time, without a computer.

Using the video switchers, the left monitor structure can interact with the right monitor structure, and vise-versa. When they both interact with each other at the same time, yet another feedback loop is created, producing unexpected and strange results.

There is also a feedback loop between the third camera and the rotating HD monitor. The output of this loop can be folded into the other loops. 

 Music:Toyo y Moi, The Medium

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