Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival [LEAF]: April, 2022


It’s kind of crazy how much could have gone wrong in the 2000 mile trip to Colorado. I brought everything I could think of to be prepared for things going wrong. In the end, a couple things did go wrong.

One of the slider rails came unglued from one of the monitors. I should have opened the box and noticed this when I first arrived, but I didn’t. I noticed it at 12 noon the day of the performance. I had JB Weld Kwik-Set glue, and this worked perfect, was dry in 4 hours. There was a bit of a chemical glue smell in the space for a while, but I think it was fine by the time people started showing up.

Shortly before the performance the little light I use to illuminate the starfish on the blue screen stopped working. It was fully charged - it just stopped working. I was able to improvise with the little flashlight I brought - worked perfectly.

The biggest issue was not being able to set up (or even load-in) the night before, or even early in the morning. I couldn’t start until 10:30 that morning. This didn’t leave enough time to set up the Jiggler. It also didn’t leave enough time for me to practice all the things I wanted to do. I didn’t get to the most complicated shapes that look like weird tentacled creatures.

When everything is set up again, I’ll recreate the performance, but how I would have liked it to go, with the audio from Matt.

I also had an idea while talking to Karla when I drove her to the Denver airport - build a box that has everything hooked up and connected to power. You would just need to plug it in, and connect the 8 BNC cables and 12 HDMI cables to it. This would save several hours.

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