Two Year Retrospective


A 2-year retrospective from the project's beginning to present.

This is old-school video feedback, created not by a computer, but with cameras, monitors, and a contraption made with wood, metal and glass.

The HD Video Feedback Kinetic Sculpture creates complex fractals and organic-looking shapes and light-creatures in real time.

Much like a musical instrument, the operator at the helm of the Device plays it, but instead of making sounds, makes entire worlds, spirals within spirals, loops within loops, galaxies, classical fractal imagery and primordial organisms, leaves, trees, and insects. It really is the God machine.

High Definition video feedback has been made before, but this is the first tightly controlled feedback using HD monitors with
hue / contrast / brightness / saturation knobs. These knobs are normally found only on old, Standard Definition TV sets, and are all-important when making video feedback.

The fractals are created through the use of a sheet of beam-splitter glass between two monitors. When all the parameters are just right, biological shapes are born, and emergent behavior occurs.

The Device has evolved naturally since its first iteration, as have the images it creates. This site chronicles that evolution.

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