Fractals Made of Fractals: 2nd Rotating Monitor Added!


The Canon’s output now not only goes to the original Panasonic Rotating Monitor through the Roland Switcher, but goes to the new Panasonic Rotating Monitor through the Blackmagic Video Converter (to make a signal the Monitor can see).

The Phone’s camera sees the 2nd Rotating Monitor and its output goes to Source 2 of the Switcher. When this image is luma keyed (bright areas are included but dark areas are not) over Source 1 (the Canon feedback), fractals are created because the two feedback loops influence each other. This keying of the feedback does electronically what the beam-splitter glass does on the Primary Loop.

The Phone can still be used to supply images to do what's done in the previous video.

Note: I say the output of the new monitor is from the Canon - meant to say the input is from the Canon.

Dual Loop / Dual Switcher / Dual Rotating Monitor Schematic

This is getting kind of crazy!

Forward Chronology

Reverse Chronology

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