Phase 2.5: Feedback Made from Feedback, Explanation

Phase 2.5 is replacing the Elecrow monitor with a third Panasonic monitor with the analog knobs.

And then - controlled video feedback between the Canon and the new rotating Panasonic monitor will be the 2nd input to the switcher. So, instead of the text “Merry Christmas,” for instance, influencing the Nikon feedback, now another entirely different feedback loop will.

It’s kind of hard to picture what this new setup will create, especially since both loops will be locked together, the Panasonic moving in unison with the Nikon.

This was inspired by the Phase III idea, two devices next to each other, two people working synchronously.

In a couple days the Blackmagic Mini Converter arrives, which will make the Canon work with the Panasonic monitor. Very exciting.

Check out the schematic for this new setup here.

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