Phase II - Synced Rotating Blue Screen / Monitor Test


This is the first test using the input from the synchronized rotating blue screen (and monitor). This allows actual physical objects to be used as the keyed secondary input to influence the fractals being created (here I had some leaves taped to the blue screen), or the monitor can be used instead of the blue screen (starting at 1:14).

The Roland switcher/keyer gets Input 2 from the Canon, which is looking at the rotating blue screen/Elecrow monitor. The Elecrow monitor gets its input from the phone. This image is keyed over the switcher’s Input 1.

The switcher’s Input 1 is from the Nikon, which is looking at the upper Panasonic monitor, which gets its input from the switcher’s Program Out. The lower Panasonic monitor get its input from the Nikon.

This adds movement synchronized to the Nikon to an otherwise static keyed object.

Check out the video HERE to see this setup.

Music: Rubba

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