The operator at the helm of the Device plays god with light and recursion, using high definition analog video feedback fractals to create spirals within spirals, loops within loops, galaxies, cell structures, strands of DNA, trees, insects, tentacled primordial creatures, and classic fractal images.

When the camera sees itself, a universe is born.


See the Device in Make Magazine, on Boingboing, on Hackaday, again on Make Magazine, on Boingboing again, on Kottke, again on Hackaday, on Slaschcam, on Reddit, watch an artist's interpretation, and read a review by Rich Walkling.

"It really is quite tangled...very impressive. Lots of wonderful fern-like stuff, also some jellyfish-like stuff, and the SierpiƄski gasket now and then. Congratulations!"

          - Email from Douglas Hofstadter

"I like what you are doing very much. It's fascinating. Reminds me of the days when I was playing - experimenting - discovering." 

          - Email from Heinz-Otto Peitgen


Check out more videos, explanations, and a detailed account of building and testing the Device on my blog: Forward Chronology / Reverse Chronology.